Pieces of the Puzzle
      Every person you meet, experience you have in this world makes up a little
piece of the puzzle of who we are. That can change over time as experiences
teach us and mold us sometimes into a finished piece that is very different from
what we started with. Keeping that in mind while developing Jigsaw Hearts
over the last ten years has led to our goal of providing unique handmade gifts
with a personal touch as well as a pleasant shopping experience for our


14 years ago my then new husband bought me a sewing machine. We were
very young I was a student and he was in the US Navy. I learned to sew items
we "needed" but couldn't really afford. 5 years later as we were waiting the
birth of our first child I made baby blankets, quilts, receiving blankets and
anything else that my baby could use. Soon people started asking me to make
blankets for them, and so I did.
      When my son was born we found out he had a very rare heart defect that
will one day require a double organ transplant. Fortunately we had good
insurance through the Navy but that didn't prepare us for the unexpected costs
of living at a Children's Hospital for the first few months my son was born, so
when we returned home I began selling my blankets.
      When our second son was three years old he was diagnosed with Autism
Spectrum Disorder. Again unexpected medical expenses prompted me to keep
selling my homemade crafts. Now that my husband is no longer in the Navy we
have been blessed with for him to have found a job with good medical
insurance but we still have some medical bills, so I keep on plugging along and I
am grateful for the blessings we have received along the way and continue to
receive in the form of customers, orders, and health.
About Us
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